Company references

“We especially value your readiness to address every concern immediately and find optimum, practical solutions quickly. We were significantly impressed by your extensive experience and knowledge. Particularly in the drafting of the request for bids you demonstrated your specialized knowledge and excellent market familiarity and through detailed, thorough specifications you found inexpensive solutions.”

Ewald Lorch, Director of Administration, Wiesbaden City Library

“For the employees and those responsible for the relocation at rms GmbH it was especially important that the workplace be vacated on Friday afternoon and that on Monday morning, work could commence again. That worked without a hitch, and not only due to the outstanding planning and preparation of each individual segment of the project.”
Kristina Walther, Director of Human Resources and Contract Administration, rms Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund Servicegesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt

“The cooperation with Mr. Wörle was always very pleasant. His punctuality and adherence to the schedule were particularly exceptional. His work is impressive, including bothoutstanding planning and the necessary flexibility. We got to know him as a dedicated, competentand friendly service provider and can recommend him with no limitations.”

Oliver Conz, Director of Human Resources and Legal, RKW Kompetenzzentrum [Center of Excellence] Eschborn

“The relocation project was always in reliable and safe hands with you. Problems that occurred were solved immediately. I would trust you anytime with other similar projects.”

Markus Krämer, Managing Director of the Hanau District Court

“The professional, precisely scheduled and very successful cooperation ensured that we were able to carry out our relocation in the very brief planning and implementation phase of less than three months.

Especially exceptional are the precision and the creativity with which you understood how to accommodate our existing furniture in the new space. This also helped us avoid new purchases and the related costs.

Altogether, the cooperation paid off in the best possible sense. Our relocation was efficient, stayed within budget and was not too stressful.”

Michael Dedek, Site Administrator, BICC Bonn International Center for Conversion

“In just a few days, our furniture and extensive filing material from four sites was brought to the common building location. Your services with respect to inventory, project specifications and relocation assistance, allowed us to save personnel and time for the regional council.”

Franz Stadler, Director of Administration, Karlsruhe Regional Council

“Due to your great dedication and reliability, we were always able to depend on your 100% completion of all of the tasks. Thank you for your professionalism and concentration!”

Elvira Switalla, Assistant to the Managing Director, Suhrkamp Verlag Berlin [Publishing House]


“I see great potential for our members, above all, in relocation management because after the appropriate apartment or adequate office space is finally found, that’s when the stress really starts for the customers. At thispoint, the recommendation of a professional relocation expert can be a great help. But not just relocation management, professional procurement of relocationservice providers too can be a perfect supplemental service for real estate brokers.”

Johannes Engel, Managing Director, IVD-Mitte, Immobilienverband Deutschland [German Real Estate Association]